Who am I?

Article #1 of Annie’s Articles.

Hi! I’m Annie, a new upcoming blogger! I started this journey because I love writing, and expressing my freedom of speech through literature. Welcome to Annie’s Articles!

A little about me:

I personally feel that it is easier for me to express myself through writing instead of talking, as it allows me to take the time to find the right words and edit the phrases I want to change. It is a tool that helps me freely explain my thoughts, without being pressured by time to “spit everything out” all at once. It gives me the power to eloquently speak and get my thoughts out fluently.

What to expect from this writer’s content?

  • All of my articles could range from my thoughts on opera, to short stories, to my current passions; to quite literally, anything! Be prepared to expect the unexpected, as there will be no real continuous theme throughout my blog.
  • Every new article will propose something different, therefore capturing your attention each time, since nothing is the same 🙂

Why am I doing this?

  • I truly do enjoy writing and love to write pieces.
  • I want to connect with others that share this passion of mine.

Thank you for reading this little post of mine, and hope I peaked your interest 🙂 See you in the next one!

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